Me at the Red Deer Art from the Streets Studio


Kachina Dreamer

acrylic on canvas: Thomas Francois

Star Beings

acrylic on canvas: Thomas Francois

Calling of the Wolf

acrylic on canvas: Thomas Francois

Shake Tent Elk Master

acrylic on canvas: Thomas Francois


Dr. Lynn Gehl Ph.D.

It has been quite awhile since I last posted. I had originally planned my next few posts to be a number of new pieces reflecting my own modern day interpretation of petroglyphs and petrographs. Pieces done in my favourite medium, acrylics on canvas; and those pieces do carry teachings that I have learned through story, teaching and ceremony.
Instead I have chosen to post a written piece about someone I consider to be an artiste accompli in her own right and in every sense of the word.
Meet Dr. Lynn Gehl Ph.D. a consummate Learner-researcher, thinker, writer, Black Face blogger, and an Indigenous human rights advocate for 27 years. I am proud of my association with her as Anishnaabeg. From the same community. Though we have never met in person, and our discussions somewhat brief, they were comprehensive in the matters we face in our lives as Indigenous Peoples; and so I want to promote her here on my personal blog. Hoping in my own humble way to assist her in her work.
Because of our discussions, and the respect I have gained for her, I felt that it is my honour to honour one our strongest warriors who, taken from her own biography, says it best:
"...She chooses to disseminate knowledge in meaningful ways to community members through the methods of oral and textual storytelling with all that is inherent such as experiential and heart knowledge. These ways of knowing, she believes, are valid forms of knowledge production that require equal space in the academy."
Because my blog is about art, and I believe that much of what she shares and does in her life is the highest form of art that exists, She deserves far more than I can give to her in a post at my modest blog. Please connect with her at the link on this page to her site. You will not be disappointed.

Thomas Francois
Nauniibwin Mishki Mukwa (Stand-up Medicine Bear)

Link Here or on my Links Tab:   Dr. Lynn Gehl Ph.D.